Have A Special Soak This Winter

Are you wondering if someone just flicked a switch and turned winter on? The change of the clocks seems to have hastened some beautiful if colder days! The white topped Cairngorms make me quite excited about the winter season and all it brings with it. Possibly some après-ski hot tubbing! You don’t need to cover the hot tub over and forget about it until spring just because the mercury has dropped. Our continental cousins know how invigorating a hot soak in the cool fresh air can be. The only thing to keep in mind is how to use your hot tub safely in colder winter weather. Helpfully, we have some top tips for you right here. We also have an amazing Black Friday hot tub offer – guaranteed to make your winter soak special!

Before You get Started

Before you get started, have a good look around your hot tub and check for any slip or trip hazards or obstructions. The autumn storms can result in lots of fallen branches, twigs and leaves, or cones and nuts that lie damp and become both slippy and uncomfortable to walk on. Clear the area around the hot tub and use salt on paths and decks that are likely to freeze when wet.

You’ll want to remove any build up of snow and ice that has accumulated around the hot tub or on the cover, and if you can, place mats over paths or decking that you’ll use to get between indoors and your tub. Make sure you have somewhere handy to leave your towels or robes and footwear that will remain dry while you are soaking. While it might be tempting to use your indoor slippers, consider using a lightweight plastic slip on with higher insulation and better tread – crocs for example – that will be less likely to slip on damp surfaces.

Follow manufacturers instructions for starting the hot tub water heating and circulation systems to bring the tub to temperature. Hydropool hot tubs, manufactured in Canada, are built for Canadian winters. The thermal shield blankets in Hydropool hot tubs utilise the same technology as NASA has for protecting astronauts from temperatures of -270 degrees! In addition, Hydropool hot tubs are ranked in the top 3 in the world for energy efficiency thanks to their Hydrowise Thermal vents.

Water Temperature is the key consideration

The water temperature in your hot tub is the most important consideration. It might be tempting to dial up the temperature setting for a winter-time soak but don’t! Here’s why:

While immersed in warm water, your body can't properly regulate its temperature through perspiration. If your spa water temperature is too high, or if you remain in it for too long there are very real dangers including suffering a heat stroke, becoming light headed and fainting, or becoming drowsy (which may lead to unconsciousness, resulting in drowning). Additionally, you could suffer a temperature shock when you get out of the warm water into the cool air.

You can avoid all these issues and still feel very comfortable in your hot tub at normal temperature settings. If your head and shoulders remain exposed to cold air, your sense of internal temperature can become confused. You may feel shivery even when your body is hot - so wear a winter hat! It might seem like odd gear for a hot soak but a hat will actually help regulate body temperature. When the head is allowed to get cold and the body is effectively insulated, the body’s core temperature drops a lot more rapidly than most people would expect. Keeping your head warm not only helps you feel snug, but it also maintains a consistent of body temperature.

So limit your water temperature to 38 degrees C and keep your soak time to 15 minute – and once you’re out and wrapped up warm, make sure that your hands are completely dry before you touch a metal doorknob or latch to go inside your home—or your skin could freeze to the metal!

A final reminder: Be sure to observe the same kind of spa and hot tub use safety guidelines that you would the rest of the year. For general spa and hot tub safety tips, check out the guidance on the British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association website:


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