Warm Up With Wool

It’s the time of year for staying warm both outdoors and indoors, and if you’ve been following our blog you may already be considering the purchase of a wood-burning stove in time for the colder months. In this blog we want to showcase the benefits of adding a wool carpet to your interiors to keep your toes toasty! We have a wonderful range in our Aviemore showroom along with our furnishings and décor.

According to carpet manufactures, homeowners typically look to purchase a new carpet for a room in their home only once every eight to 10 years. While reasons vary considerably, the investment in a new carpet propels most of us to undertake a good amount of research first. For many the main consideration is budget, after which the latest colours and trends or our existing décor follow. Whilst wool carpets tend to be priced higher than synthetic fibre carpets, there are now many budget-friendly wool carpets options that are beautiful, soft and pleasing to touch.

The advantages of wool

Wool carpet has long had a reputation for being a comfortable, durable and quality flooring choice. But the natural benefits go far beyond these attributes. As a fire-retardant and hypo-allergenic fibre, wool and wool-rich carpets offer a series of stand-out features that are well worth considering, especially in rooms where wood-burning stoves are installed.

Another great feature of wool carpet is that it’s a good natural dehumidifier as it absorbs about 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling damp. This is a great advantage in the Scottish climate and particularly for houses in which humidity is harder to regulate.

Wool is resistant to flattening and stains and is proven to look great for longer – providing excellent value for money and offering an ideal solution for busy areas.

On top of all that, wool is sourced sustainably (sheep being an environmentally friendly and renewable source) and is naturally dirt-repellent.

Popular styles of wool carpet

These days there are a range of carpet styles, described by their pile, that are well-suited to wool and which make the most of wools natural features. Read on for a clear explanation of which pile works best for different areas of your home.

Uncut carpet pile, also known as "loop pile" or "Berber pile," leaves the entire yarn loop intact on the surface of the piece. These carpets tend to be highly durable, easy to clean, resistant to stains and don't show indentations caused by footprints and vacuum marks making them perfect for high-traffic areas including entrances, halls, playrooms, offices and bedrooms. Named after the North African tribe who originally created them, a Berber carpet is made from parallel lengths of rugged looped pile that is cut short to give a wonderfully dense, cushioned weave. These carpets are typically available in a range of natural colours and textures that compliment every imaginable colour scheme making them a popular choice in both modern and traditional style homes. 

Sometimes called velvet or velour carpets, plush cut pile typically produces very soft, luxurious and inviting carpets that are easy to clean. Different styles can be created by changing the angle of the shearing that slices the loop, or by using different treatments on the thread before and after it is inserted into the backing. The cut pile twist offers a luxurious feel and a smooth textured finish where the pile is highly twisted and lies in different directions. A cut pile twist carpet is hardwearing, making it ideal for high foot trafficked areas whilst the textured finish is less likely to show shading or tracking than plush cut pile.

Textured cut pile is also called "trackless" because it doesn't show footprints and other marks in its surface as much as other cut pile. This is accomplished by taking individual yarns and twisting them into spirals or loops, which are set using heated steam. A variant of the textured pile is the Sisal – a textured loop pile in straight rows and in which loops can be of varied length. The spiral strands do not reflect light as much as straight strands, so it's not as noticeable when spirals are crushed down. This pile is suitable for mid- to high-level traffic areas.

Frieze cut pile consists of individual strands that are tightly twisted and kinked, causing them to curl erratically across the surface of the carpet. This is a highly durable style that tends to hide dirt and wear and is suitable for high-traffic settings whilst also providing a less formal luxurious feel in a stylish, shaggy appearance. Frieze pile is available in variations of thick and thin as well as long and short pile. Carpets with longer pile than Frieze are known as "shag piles".

What does Highland Home Centre offer?

Highland Home Centre is proud to have a whole indoor flooring department which includes an exquisite selection of Sharon Leon carpets and the expertise of a dedicated member of staff. Here you can browse without any of the sales pressure you might experience in national carpet outlets, whilst also finding inspiration for your décor in our home furnishings and fabrics.

For over 52 years, Sharon Leon has enjoyed a reputation for supplying the very best quality carpets and floor coverings. For thousands of people and businesses throughout Scotland, Sharon Leon, the oldest family run flooring business in the Highlands, is a name you can trust.

We’re proud to offer a service with no hidden costs, and with delivery dates you can trust. Come to our specialist department for helpful and impartial advice for your new flooring decision.