Get Great Barbecues Every Time

Here in Scotland, the first hint of summer weather makes me think of getting friends round and firing up the barbecue, just in case the first day of sunshine is the only one. We all like to make the most of the good weather and nothing feels more like summer than cooking and eating out-of-doors on the barbecue.

This has certainly been the summer for it, with weeks of wonderful weather that we really weren’t expecting. The barbecue has been in use more than usual this year, and like me, you’ll want a really great barbecue every time. No burned-everything-blunders thank you, or worse still a nagging worry about everything being properly cooked. Just what does it take to serve up the tastiest of food and to make the whole experience of cooking, great every time?

Well you could argue that you can barbeque food on the most basic of all set-ups – a campfire with glowing hot coals say. That method has served mankind well since the stone age, but here at Highland Home Centre we like to think you are a connoisseur of cooking outdoors, and that you want the barbecue experience at another level, an upright standing one?

We have carefully selected a range of barbecue products that are not only of the highest quality, but that really add to the enjoyment of cooking. Let’s go through some of the unique features of our barbecue range.

Broil King

Broil King is a Canadian brand that has been established for over 20 years. These high-quality gas fired barbeques and grills offer the perfect cooking experience for people who enjoy a casual, relaxed style of everyday outdoor living.


A kamado grill is a completely unique barbecue that is perfect for those who really love a smoky flavour in their cooking. Our Saffire kamado grills are unlike anything you will have seen before, each one incorporating a ceramic firebox which enables grilling at a higher temperature, and a patented method of adding wood chips called the Smokin’ Chip Feeder. There is no risk of dropping wood chips onto cooking food, or of the chips burning out before cooking is done. You need to see one to believe just how efficient and unbeatable a Saffire kamado is.


We also stock Grillstream barbecues which incorporate a double grill system. The “magic” of the double grill prevents fat dripping down onto the burner and causing flare-ups. The fat is run-off the second grill and with less fat there is more flavour.


Last but not least are our range of beautiful Kadai fire bowls. Kadai have been made and used for cooking in Rajasthan for centuries. Our original Kadais are up to 100 years old and have their own unique character from years of use as cooking bowls at weddings and festivals across India. Recycled Kadais are a copy of the Original Kadai, made from recycled steel oil drums by the same caste of skilled craftsmen in Rajasthan as the originals. Additionally, we offer Wilstone Kadais which are handmade from new mild steel with hand-forged handles to give a slightly more sophisticated look. A Kadai is all about bringing a touch of India into your garden, whether as a fire bowl or as a barbecue grill, to bring pleasure to small gatherings, parties, weddings and festivals.

Each of these grill systems offer unique features which enable you to cook outdoors the way you want to, whether that’s for great smoky flavour or reduced fat content. You benefit from a superior, relaxed outdoor grilling experience that is sure to satisfy you and your guests.

If you’ve never come across these outdoor grills, or even if you have, the best way to appreciate how much more they offer than the standard run-of-the-mill barbecue, is to come into our showroom in Aviemore to see them. Our staff will be delighted to answer any questions you have. Let’s get cooking….