Finance Options

Throughout the years of trading we have worked with finance providers for all sectors.

Since 2018 we are offering Home Improvement Finace Solutions to our clients up to £50,000.00 based on a single project.

We are working with Hitachi Captil (UK) Ltd whom are now the biggest financial providers for various sectors.

Our competitive solutions offer

  • Buy Now Pay Later
  • 0% APR up to 2 years
  • Low Rate Finance up to 5 years

We are confident that from the above options will be easy to achieve the dream and tranform any house into a home.

For details and more information, please call 01479 812 433 or fill out the below enquiry form to send you our eCOF - Electronics Choice Of Funding.

Hitachi Finance (UK) Ltd and Cairngorm Spas Ltd are regulated by FCA, Financial Conduct Authority.