Hydropool's Aquatic Cross Training Programs

Hydropool Aqaucross Training in Swim Spa

Hydropool's Aquatic Cross Training Sessions are a great way to bring the traditional gym workout into the backyard with the added benefits of waters. These are low impact aquatic exercises that will deliver a big difference in your overall fitness. Exercises using water pressure in a swim spa puts less strain on your heart by moving blood around your entire body.

1. Workout in the convenience of your own home
You choose when to work out.
Easy to use - no complicated machinery
Work out with privacy

2. High Intensity Training - Easy
Strenghten your muscles
Improve cardio fitness
Doesn't subject your body to the wear and tear of high impact

3. Made to Measure Fitness: Great workout regardless of your fitness level
From beginner to advanced
5 ready made programs for you to try
Videos and Training Guide included with every swim spa
The options are endless

4. A True Full Body Workout
Provides Equal resistance through a full range of motion
Helps balance out muscle groups

5. Built in Treadmill Technology
Interval Program
Hill Climb Program
Workout against the current

6. Realtime Heart Rate Training with Vibration Feedback
Track your heart rate with your WaterWatch
Choose your Fitness Zone
Analyze your results

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Cardio Cross

Power Cross