Hydropool's Water Purification Systems

If getting into a swim spa that is clean and safe everytime is important to you, Hydropool is now offering the most efficient water purification system in the world as an upgrade. Combine the HydroClear PureWater System with the Self-Cleaning technology of our swim spas creates nothing less than opure enjoyment

1. Purify - Ozone
Water passes throught he patented Micro Cell.
Treats the hot tub water with Ozone (Natures Oxidiser)
This rapid oxidation reduces chemical usage by 50%

2. Expose to UV Light
The Ozone treated water then passes through a UV Chamber exposing it to a high volume of UVC light

3. Advanced Purification (1+1=3)
This combination of UV and Ozone creates the HydroClear PureWater System

4. Reduces...
Shocking your hot tub water
Our PureWater Systemeliminates 99% of all contaminants

5. Automatic...
PureWater System is on when your hot tub circulating
The Quick Diagnostics shows everything is in working order