Terms and Conditions

1. Final payment should be made by bank transfer (only to the bank details shown on the front of any invoice or sales agreement) unless a finance plan has been taken out or expressly agreed at the time of order.
2. Final payment of the order must be paid within 24 hours of a delivery date being offered, otherwise the delivery slot offered may be lost (except where finance facilities are being used for the balance of payment). For the avoidance of doubt, under no circumstances can payment be made on delivery. Title of the goods will remain with Cairngorm Spas Ltd t/at Highland Home Centre until full payment has been received, no retention of any part of the final payment will be permitted.
3. The goods do not include any supply of electrical cable and therefore it is necessary to provide the correct electrical cable (installed by a qualified & certified electrician) in advance of the goods being delivered. Details of the electrical supply required are as advised to you at the time of purchase. It will not be possible to commission the goods if the electrical installation is not complete prior to delivery.
4. Due to the size, weight & nature of the goods, some surface damage may occur to the exterior cabinet or shell surface upon installation. We will use all endeavours to avoid such damage, however, should damage occur, it will be repaired as necessary.
5. If the agreed delivery date shown above is exceeded by more than 30 days, Cairngorm Spas Ltd t/at Highland Home Centre reserve the right to charge the named customer the following fees for storage: Spas & Hot Tubs £60 inc VAT per week, Swim Spas £120 inc VAT per week, these charges must be settled in full prior to delivery of the goods. Once a delivery date has been booked & confirmed, any changes to that date at the customers request may incur a charge of up to £600 inc VAT to cover transport cancellation fees.
6. Where an order is placed at one of our showrooms, at a show that we regularly attend or following a home visit or consultation, it is deemed to be an order placed ‘on trade premises’ therefore there is no 14 day cooling off period & amp;cancellation costs will occur in the event of an order being cancelled. These costs may be up to (but no more than) 30% of the order value if the order is cancelled within 8 weeks of the delivery due date & up to (but no more than) 15% of the order value if the order is cancelled with more than 8 weeks notice. These cancellation penalties are to cover transport fees, restocking fees, warehouse fees & administrative expenses where applicable. In the event that the deposit paid at the time of cancellation is lower than the aforementioned cancellation fees, the difference will become payable & will be invoiced accordingly.
7. Delivery & commissioning of the goods is on the proviso that not more than two installers are required to position the goods into the final location via clear access. Any obstructions including (but not limited to) fences, gates, posts, drain pipes, heating flues, taps & planters should be removed by the customer prior to delivery. Any obstructions that require moving on the day of delivery may be charged for. Cairngorm Spas Ltd t/at Highland Home Centre accept no responsibility for damage to goods that require moving in order to gain access to the final location or for damage caused to grass, decking, slabs or flooring whilst manoeuvring the goods into position.
8. Hot Tubs and SwimSpas installed indoors, in an enclosure, sunk, semi sunk or enclosed in any way other than placed on a suitable flat outdoor surface are done so at the sole responsibility and risk of the named customer. Any removal or replacement works, remediation work, repairs or reinstatement of any such installation or enclosure including any consequential costs in order to effect installation, maintenance, repair or replacement are the sole responsibility of the named customer at any stage during or after delivery to the customer.
9. Safe water chemistry is the sole responsibility of the end user & should be maintained at all times. Careful notice should be paid to over-dosing chemicals into the water, which may cause damage to the surface, covers, headrests, fittings & components. Should Cairngorm Spas Ltd t/at Highland Home Centre or a qualified independent chemistry expert conclude that water has been over-dosed with chemicals, any damage would be outside of the manufacturers warranty.
10. If you wish to make any change(s) to the products you have ordered please contact us at: info@highlandhomecentre.co.uk we will then let you know if the change is possible. If it is possible we will let you know about any changes to the price of the products, the timing of supply or anything else which would be necessary as a result of your requested change(s) and ask you to confirm whether you wish to go ahead with the change(s).
11. The manufacturer may make technical & aesthetic improvements to the goods ordered from time to time. These changes will not affect your use of the product and do not constitute a breach of the agreement between us.
12. E & OE. January 2021 / HST&C 20/01/21